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1-fuel supplying for aviation industry using our bowsers bowser: it is a fuel tanker used to deliver fuel to aircraft at airports.
2- fuel supplying for pas services companies ( we supply pas with turbine which is the name of helicopters fuel) pas: petroleum air services in airline based in cairo . it provides oil industry support services and has extensive helicopter operations. helicopter washes ash off power lines as dust affects the efficiency of the power lines causing drainage and attenuation for electricity. our bowsers exist in these
3-airports: assiout port - sohag port - alamine port (main concern) the bowsers are parked in these airports to supply fuel for airplanes in specific durations to avoid delay penalties.

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barge: a flat boat for carrying goods or fluid petroneel doesn’t own any barges . it stores its fuel quota in warehouses of cpc and misr petroleum 3 offices for operations (for fuel supplying for ships) located in cairo, Suez and portsaid .

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Gas stations

8 gas stations in assiout

11 gas stations in sohag

2 gas stations in minya

1 gas station in marsa-matruh

1 gas station in wadi gdeed

1 gas station in fayoum

4 gas stations in red sea

10 gas stations in qena

15 gas stations in luxour

11 gas stations in aswan

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Trade Mall , Assiut City

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