SOBEK ULTRA SAE 20W/50 CI4 BT (1 Liter)

Multigrade Diesel and Gasoline Engine Oil
Performance level API CI4/SL
Multigrade Oil SAE 20W-50

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Category: SKU: SOBEK ULTRA SAE 20W/50 CI4 BT (1 Liter)


  • Application:
  • High performance multigrade diesel engine oil used in heavy duty, four stroke cycle, high speed, turbo-charged or super- charged diesel engines that require API CI-4.
  • Used in gasoline engines which require performance level API SL


  • Superior engine protection against wear and corrosion.
  • Excellent protection against rust and sludge formation.
  • High thermal stability and high oxidation resistance at high temperatures.
  • Excellent fuel consumption and extend engine life.
  • Long oil drain interval.


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